Why one should think of living in kefalonia

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The island of Kefalonia forms a key ingredient of the Grecian tourism. Situated in the western periphery of the Greek waters, the island is also the largest among the cluster called the Ionian Islands, with an estimated area of 350 sq. miles. Kefalonia is widely known for its sea resorts, mountainous landscape, ancient monasteries and a thriving countryside, thus making it out the most sought-after destination for the holidaymakers and property buyers both. The market for Kefalonia property grew at the same healthy rate by which it grew elsewhere in the other Greek towns, in the recent years.

Though, one should admire the fact that holidaying and living in Kefalonia is challenging, keeping in mind the frequent earthquakes that keep on taking place there, it is also a no secret that living there was no more harmful as compared to what it may be in Tokyo or Loss Angeles. And this is why thousands select each year, to have a taste of its beaches, sea resorts, cafes and the city life. Since, most of the island’s populace resides in two major towns, the bulk of Kefalonia property may also be bought and sold there. These are Argostoli and Lixouri, comprising of the two-thirds of the whole of 45K strong island’s populace.

Argostoli, the capital and the largest of all towns in the island, is the place where most tourists can be seen headed for. The main center of the town, carrying restaurants and cafes, can be seen bustling with activity the whole day long, but, the evenings prove out lavish and inviting too. Much of Kefalonia property in Argostoli can be found located along the city center, where maximum amount of tourism takes place. The two most striking aspects about Argostoli are; the famous Lassi seashore known for its beauty, and the mysterious ‘Swallow Holes’ in the Vlikha region, which identify a unique geological activity. The ‘Swallow Holes’ cause a disappearance and then reappearance of the seawater over a two-week long period along the rocky shoreline.

Kefalonia is also the place where the archaeologists recently succeeded in digging up a Roman era grave yard. The archaeologists dug out roughly 2000 years old five grave sites, which had stone coffins, gold ornaments and bronze coins, apart from several other artifacts, to be spoken about. To top it all, the coffin stones opened up swiftly, hence showcasing the ancient Greek craftsmanship. It was immediately categorized by the archaeologists as the most significant discovery that was made in the history of the Ionian Islands ever. They also found a highly preserved theater next to the grave sites, which carried some intact metal parts of the seating area even after the passage of so much time.

With the Greek real estate witnessing an upswing in the post – 2004 Olympic Games phase, the market for Kefalonia property has also been picking up due to the salient tourism points we described above. As a result, there is a greater rush for buying holiday villas and private apartments in Kefalonia today and the bulk of these buyers are coming out from the non-Greek territories like the UK and Germany, two of the world’s most travel friendly nations.

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