Missouri real estate the show me state

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Nicknamed the “Show Me” state, Missouri is an interesting mix of big cities and rural lands. Missouri real estate prices do not require you to “show” a lot of money.


The quintessential midwestern state, Missouri offers interesting contrasts. On one hand, you have large cities such as St. Louis and Kansas City. On the other, rural farmlands and towns dominate the rest of the landscape. Economically, the state is dominated by agriculture and railroad industries although typical large businesses can be found in the cities including Budweiser in St. Louis.

The origin of the “show me” nickname is unknown. The state, however, was named after the Missouri Indians who lived along the banks of the Missouri River. A heartland state, Missouri is an inexpensive place to raise a family in relative comfort.

St. Louis.

St. Louis is a city with an odd mix of influences. Established by the French, the city has a faint air of European influence, but a much larger heartland feel. The city really had hard times in the 1970s, but serious redevelopment efforts have led to a major revival. Known for the famous Arch, the downtown and river front areas have seen major revivals with old dilapidated warehouses renovated into restaurants and hip stores. The city is also known for a very strong music scene and large parks for recreation. For professional sports, St. Louis is all about baseball, football and hockey.


Branson is a little town in the Ozarks that has been called the family Las Vegas. The town is littered with shows and activities tailored to families. While it isn’t a place you would want to live because of the traffic, it is a good place to visit if you live in the state.


Seemingly the healthcare center of the United States, Springfield is a nice place to raise a family. Situated next to Burrell Park Lake, the town has seen major redevelopment. You’ll find modern warehouse lofts, outdoor cafes and trendy little shops in brick building lined streets. The park and trail system in Springfield is one of the best in the country.

Missouri Real Estate.

Missouri real estate prices are very reasonable compared to the rest of the country. A single-family home in Springfield will average $170,000, while the same home will cost $250,000 in St. Louis. Missouri real estate appreciated at a very modest 7.5 percent in 2005.

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