Your own paradise in california

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Your Own Paradise in California. If you are planning to move to California, you are required to embrace a new way of life and a great environmental adjustment. Being a state that is considered as place of ironies and contrasts—because of having a landscape consists of deserts, oceans, mountains, green valleys, skyscrapers, sand and redwood forests, vineyards and office parks—living in California can be quite an adventure and thrilling experience.

Because of the diversity of its landscape as well as its people’s lifestyle, living in California offers a wide array and choices—especially of places to live in—for rent depending on your preferences.

LANDING AN APARTMENT IN CALIFORNIAApartments for rent in California come in various styles and price ranges. If you are determined and lucky enough, you might probably land on a space fit for your budget, taste, and lifestyle. One of the major considerations when you plan to move to California is what city to move at.

According to surveys and some researches, San Francisco and Los Angeles are two of the most popular and preferred cities to move to in California because each has a diverse neighborhood and various attractions that suit the taste of most residents and occupants.

More and more people prefer to move in San Francisco because it is known as an excellent place that boasts of renowned restaurants, rich Victorian architecture, modern cable cars, the scenic rolling fog, topped with the city’s main tourist attraction—the Golden Gate Bridge.

Another major reason why people prefer to move here is California’s expansive public transportation system that offers hassle free trips without a car.

Having apartments and houses that sit on top of 43 hills, parking and driving can be a tiresome task for you because of the steep and curvy city streets. For those who are used to bringing their cars wherever they go and are not used to commute using public vehicles, then you better prepare yourself because parking is difficult thing here.

But if you are after magnificent sites and scenes, start looking for an apartment for rent in San Francisco now. Aside from the spectacular sites the city has to offer, San Francisco is boasts of various neighborhoods that possess unique architecture and local flavors. It also depicts a picture of different classes of people who live in a certain community.

When it comes to apartment rentals, it is home many artists that reside in “Bernal Heights” home while the gay-friendly “Castro” district offers a wide range of cafes that signifies an active nightlife.

The “Mission” or the “Latino” quarter of the city is also home to artists and families while the North Beach is the headquarters of the Beat generation—San Francisco’s Italian-American neighborhood.

For young professionals and families, Cole Valley located in the historic Haight is the place to go while the “Pacific Heights” are for those people who prefer to live side by side with multi-million-dollar mansions while enjoying the bay.

Another most “moved to” cities in San Francisco is Los Angeles. Boasting of a lifestyle scene contributed by diverse communities, living in an apartment in Los Angeles can give you enough space and freedom to do whatever you please. Unlike in San Francisco where you can rely heavily in public transportation, living in L.A. requires you to have your own car to enjoy all the benefits the city offers.

Downtown L.A. consists of growing area of lofts, luxury apartments, and business establishments not to mention the city’s museums, theaters, and historic landmarks. Places and attractions to consider include Hollywood, the Sunset Strip, Santa Monica, and Venice that offers apartments for rent near L.A.’s popular beaches.

If you’re seriously considering renting an apartment in L.A. California, consider the “San Fernando Valley” that has warmer temperatures and offers a more suburban lifestyle not to mention cheaper apartment rentals. Also explore apartments in located in the South Bay like Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, and Manhattan Beach.

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